Photoshop CC Perspective Warp Update

If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber, there are currently some new Photoshop CC updates awaiting you on the web, including a new Perspective Warp tool and 3D printing capabilities.

The most notable new photography-oriented feature is Perspective Warp, which lets you combine elements of photos taken with different lenses and from different angles. The demo that Adobe gives in the below video does a pretty good job of explaining how it works.

I’ve actually had a chance to try it in person and the results can be very impressive. It does take a bit of manual work to get it looking like it should, though. Ultimately, it will likely be a handy tool for shooters that make a lot of composite images.

The rest of the updates likely won’t be as applicable to the average photographer. Linked Smart Objects lets you keep track of your files across multiple documents, which comes in very handy for designers making layouts or mocking up web pages.

The 3D printing utility is meant to streamline the process for rapid prototyping. Since the technology is still relatively new, this one will likely have some specialized usage cases.

One of the more interesting developments with the new announcement is that Adobe has reset the restriction on the Photoshop CC demo, so even if you already used your free 30-day trial, you can give it another go for free.

It’s available for download right now if you want to give the new version a try.

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