If Only for a moment project

If you’re reading this site, you agree that photography is a powerful thing, and we love to see it used to bring people happiness. Photographer Vincent Dixon, gathered 20 cancer patients who sat for a makeover. They weren’t allowed to see themselves until it was completely finished. Then, he snapped a photo of the moment they opened their eyes and saw their new look. The results are awesome.

The project is called “If Only for a Second” and is part of the Mimi Foundation. The idea is to give someone suffering cancer a moment of feeling “carefree.”


The makeovers are intentionally outrageous to elicit the over the top reactions. The photos are then shot through a two-way mirror to keep the camera out of the shot. The photos are being printed into a book.


Personally, one of my favorite things about photography is giving them photos they love and that make them smile. It’s what draws me to things like wedding and family photography, even though they can be challenging. So, seeing a project like this is very inspiring.

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From: Business Insider