Google Most Popular Places in the World for Photography

You may not be familiar with Google Maps’s Panoramio service. It aggregates uploaded photos with geotagged information and presents them in a map format. Now, they have released a heat map showing the most popular places in the world for photography.

Last week, we saw Instagram’s list of the most popular photography spots and this one doesn’t really argue with their results. The most popular places are, predictably, popular tourist destinations, but there are a few bright spots you might otherwise expect.

Of course, this data only accounts for photos that were uploaded with geotagged information, which means it’s primarily compiled from smartphone photos. But, it seems likely that the map wouldn’t change all that much if if you were to add the rest.

The map itself is actually really cool. You can zoom in and look at a variety of photos from the selected area. They vary in quality, but that’s to be expected.

What’s your ideal travel photography location?