amazon cloud prime

If you buy things frequently from Amazon, there’s a pretty solid chance you already have Amazon Prime to get them out to you faster and cheaper. But get ready for another benefit to being a Prime member: unlimited cloud storage for all your photos on Amazon Cloud Drive.

This news comes from DPReview Connect (who are owned by Amazon), who says that alongside the free storage, there’s an overhaul to the UI, and more privacy and mobility settings, including:

  • Images and videos are displayed as large preview images in a revolving carousel, organized by the date they are taken as well as the device they are captured with.
  • New and existing photos and videos on users’ devices – computers, phones, and tablets – are now automatically detected and uploaded to Cloud Drive. (Though users can choose to select uploads individually.)
  • By default, photos added to Cloud Drive are private. Users can choose to share images and now albums privately with friends and family from their Kindle, Android or iOS devices, or now from the web.

Assumedly this means that photos won’t count against your storage capacity on Cloud Drive, but that other filetypes will? And we’re not sure how this will alter the Cloud Drive Photos apps, either. But if you already use Amazon Prime for shipping or video streaming, this is a great bonus.