Wacom Cintiq 12wx

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Wacom tablets have long been the tool of choice for artists who want a digital tool mimicking pen and paper. For everything from drawing to 3D modeling to photo editing, the Wacom family of tablets have set the gold standard. But with the rise of mobile tablets like the iPad and Microsoft Surface, where does that leave this technology? Over Facebook, Wacom has announced that it’s working on its own mobile tablet, which will debut this Summer.

The company hasn’t given much in the way of details, simply saying:

The fully pressure-sensitive pen and multi-touch will definitely make this tablet a draw for artists and retouchers, but we still have a mountain of questions. Will this tablet be running Android, or some other OS? Wacom products tend to be priced at the professional end of the spectrum, so will this tablet command an equivalent price? Will you be able to attach it to a computer, and use it like you would a normal Wacom tablet?

The Wacom Cintiq 12WX (pictured above) is already approximately tablet sized, but as you can see, is substantially more bulky than most.

We’re eager to see exactly what Wacom is planning, as people doing creative work directly from their mobile devices is more and more a thing. Our guide to editing photos from a tablet, and the existence of Photoshop Touch for tablet and smartphone all point to thriving ecosystems in photo editing from the tablet. Hopefully Wacom will be able to capitalize on this with an excellent device, but we’ll have to wait until this Summer to find out.