Normalize Instagram App

There are few topics in photography at the moment more polarizing than retro filter apps like Instagram. Chances are, you either love or hate them. If you fall into that latter camp (and judging from the comments on this site, many of you do), you might get a kick out of a new app called Normalize. It promises to wipe most of a filter off of a photo and make it look, well, normal again.

Developed by a guy named Joe Macirowski, the app analyzes a photo’s histogram in order to find out what wacky modifications have been made to make it look “retro.” It then corrects for that weirdness and tries to bring the colors and luminance levels back into the present.

The app isn’t without its limitations. It obviously can’t bring back image data that has gone to full white or full black because it simply doesn’t exist anymore. The color is also not perfect, but it’s more natural to be sure.

It may not be very useful now, but this seems like the kind of thing that would be valuable down the road. What happens when the Instagram addicts of today get sick of the aesthetic only to realize a big portion of their photo collection has been forever washed with fake filters?

You can get the app in the app store for $1. The developer says that there may be more robust features down the line to help make it even more effective. But, if you’re an unsure Instagrammer, you’re probably still better off just shooting photos with your phone’s regular camera (or even an actual camera!) and just running them through Instagram later.

From: Cult of Mac