Astronaut Camera Collection

On the internet, it’s not uncommon to find people who enjoy laying out all their photo gear for a picture, but astronaut Don Pettit’s version is a little different. He has a photo of himself surrounded by the cameras of the International Space Station. As you can see, there’s some serious photographic firepower up there.

There are 10 cameras in all, and a while back we did an interesting piece about how NASA gets their cameras ready to go to space. Once they’re up there, though, they don’t usually come back. Weight restrictions for re-entry make taking the big bodies back to earth difficult. Plus, once a camera goes to space, its sensor is typically ruined (it gets worse over time) thanks to the radiation that affects it. Not to mention the fact that the cameras will likely eventually be destroyed completely.

If you look at the big version of the photo, you can get a pretty good idea of what each one is, but there are some interesting labels we wouldn’t mind digging deeper into. I personally love how the one camera set up for infrared (it has an amber filter on the front and the Nikon logo is colored red) has “ISS” written on the lens in what appears to be silver marker. Just so none of the other astronauts walk off with it…into space.

While it’s fun to look at the cameras in space, it’s still more fun to look at the wonderful images they send back here to earth.

From: PetaPixel