Sigma Announces Details Of Rewards Program For SD1 Early Adopters

What is Sigma offering to those who bought their SD1 DSLR before the price drop? Quite a bit, actually

When Sigma dropped the price of the SD1 from around $6,900 to $2,300, the company also announced a reward program for those who paid full price for the camera. Dubbed the “SD1 Point Support Program,” it gave those who forked out the full cost 40 reward points — but up until now we haven’t known what those points will be good for. According to Sigma UK and DPReview, those 40 points can be used to purchase up to ¥400,000 of Sigma goods — that’s around $4,800.

The point value of the goods are based on their MSRP when on February 8th, and you have to have purchased the SD1 at full price before February 23rd. Registrations for the program are open until May 31st, and you need to contact Sigma directly to get on board. It’s good to see the points program is actually going to be substantial. That kind of cash can make a serious difference in the kit that’s in a camera bag.