You can make a valid argument that Facebook isn’t a forum for “serious” photographers to post their work. But the site is taking the over 7.5 billion photos that are posted by users every month more seriously.

On Thursday, Facebook announced improvements to the photo viewer, including the option to expand images to view them in full screen by clicking the arrows in the upper righthand corner of the image. The image’s display resolution has also been improved; the photo viewer will now automatically display photos in the highest resolution possible, which on a large display can be up to four times bigger than before. The changes should be automatically available for users with the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.

These changes come less than two months after Facebook rolled out its new photo viewer which re-arranged the placement of the comments and “Like” button. Those changes to the photo viewer also included more prominently.

And while Facebook is reportedly preparing to roll out ads for its mobile apps as well, this latest update in the photo viewer seems to focus solely on image quality rather than monetization. Perhaps acknowledgement of the importance of being the largest photo sharing site on the web.

Via. PC Mag