Leica Promises Firmware Fix For SD Problems

Leica has found the root of the problem with SD cards corrupting in the M9, and has promised a firmware fix.

Leica M9-P

Leica M9-P

Earlier this year we reported on problem's with Leica's M9 eating SanDisk SDHC memory cards, which caused not only the camera to crash, but the images to be lost and the disk rendered useless. Leica acknowledged the issue and has been working on a fix, and it seems that they've finally found one. An update on their website says:

Thanks to the close collaboration with SD card manufacturers, Leica has now managed to rectify the fault by making adjustments to the firmware. To ensure compatibility with as many cards as possible and to ensure that all the related processes remain fault-free and are not compromised, comprehensive testing must be carried out in the development phase.

In the coming weeks we will test a beta version of the firmware in practice in cooperation with affected and selected customers.

As soon as the firmware solution is proven in practice, we will name a date for the release of the update.

The existence of this problem proved to be something of a thorn in Leica's side, as people rightly expected flawless performance from such a high-cost device, and having it being essentially non-functional with a major brand of SD cards was something of a problem. Hopefully this update can be pushed out in the near future, and this problem will be put behind them. But, overall, it's nice to see that they have aknowledged the problem and have been actively working on a fix.