Project Neon Documents New York's Best Fluorescent Signs

Kirsten Hively has made it her mission to find the best neon signs around New York City, and record them with photography and prose.

Maiman’s Pharmacy

Maiman’s Pharmacy

Kirsten Hively

New York might not have quite as much neon as Las Vegas, but it's certainly not shy when it comes to fluorescent lighting. Kirsten Hively has embarked on an ambitious journey with Project Neon, an attempt to catalog the best and most interesting of neon lights around the city. Each week she updates her Tumblr with a new shot and some backstory. Here's how she describes the project:

Follow a girl as she follows the glow in search of New York's best neon signs. Every week I'll visit another of New York City's neon-clad establishments and post a photo & story, and tell you more about why I'm traipsing around this metropolis in the cold & dark to visit pharmacies, shoe repair stores, and bars with good neon signs to buy cough syrup, get my shoes repaired or just have a drink.

The images and addresses are going up on Flickr, so you can track down where the glowing hymns to night time advertising are located. Hively has also started a Kickstarter project to create an iOS app of the project, a guidebook of 100 of the best signs she's seen, with maps, photos and descriptions of their backgrounds and locations.

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If you want to try your own hand at the gorgeous but sometimes frustrating work of photographing neon signs, check out our How To: Shoot Neon Lights guide from last year. It'll get you set in the right direction to capture the signage around your town.