A Conversation with Mitch Epstein

-Jay DeFoore

If you haven't made it over to the Photography Newswire section of the main site today be sure to check out the Q&A with photographer Mitch Epstein. Conducted by American Photo contributor and Conscientious blog founder Jörg Colberg, the interview touches on everything from Epstein's struggles to keep the act of picture-making fresh and meaningful to the ideas behind his latest epic series, American Power:

American Power questions the very idea of the American dream that defined my father's life in Family Business. What did we, as a country, want to become? So much of who we are now is predicated on the idea of a society without limits. Manifest Destiny. We are a society with too great a sense of entitlement.

The artist "conversations" were started back in March as a way to showcase some of the top photographic talents on the American Photo Website. Others in this series include Andrew Moore, Roger Ballen, Taryn Simon, Todd Hido, Martin Parr, Bettina Rheims, Luc Delahaye and Paul Shambroom. Let us know in the comments which other photographers you'd like to see profiled.

-Jay DeFoore