Hoya Solas IRND neutral density filters

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Hoya Solas IRND neutral density filters
The 3.0 version of the IRND neutral density filter blocks 10 stops of light. Hoya

With the popularity of off-camera flash on location gaining popularity all the time, neutral density filters are becoming an increasingly necessary accessory. Hoya has a new series of Solas IRND neutral density filters that cut down visible light, but also fight off infrared radiation that can mess with shadow detail and noise, especially with long exposures.

Hoya Solas IRND filter packaging
Hoya Solas IRND filter packaging. Hoya

The filters start at $48.90 and go up from there. They’re available in thread diameters from 49mm to 82mm and from .3 (one stop) all the way up to 3.0 (10 stops) in one stop increments. Bigger filters and heavier tinting obviously raises the price.

We’ll be interested to give these a try once review units are available.