LowePro PhotoStream 150 RL Camera Bag

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LowePro PhotoStream 150 RL Camera Bag
The front panel has a basic design that doesn’t scream “camera bag.” Lowepro

Having just gotten back from an overseas trip, it’s fresh in my mind just how important a good rolling camera bag can be, and Lowepro’s Photostream RL 150 looks like it has lots of potential.

It’s built to hold a lot of gear, including several pro-sized DSLRs with a collection of seven or eight lenses with room leftover for accessories. Despite its capacity, its 7.5-inches deep to make it compatible with the carry-on restrictions of most airlines.

LowePro PhotoStream 150 RL Camera Bag
The bag packed full. Lowepro

The rolling camera bag itself weighs eight pounds and has a mounting solution for a tripod. The front panel opens in such a way that you can access a laptop inside without having to open the bag all the way. It has two extra mesh pockets on the inside, as well as the usual array of customizable padding.