Slik Lite Tripod With Built-In LED Flashlight

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Slik Lite Tripod With Built-In LED Flashlight
The CF-522 is a carbon fiber model in the Slik Lite line. Slik

Tripod updates can be rather tedious, with announcements boasting things like moderate weight reductions, new leg materials, and sometimes redesigned heads. The new Slik Lite series tripods, however have a rather interesting innovation in the form of a removable LED flashlight built right into the center column, as well as a new “Rapid Flip” technology that allows the legs to swing around 180-degrees for easy storage.

There are five models in the Slik Lite series. Three of the new tripods are made from Aluminum, including the ultra-portable AL-420S ($99), the mid-sized AL-420M ($119), and the standard AL-420 ($139). There are also two carbon fiber models, including the CF-422 ($329) and the CF-522 ($299). The flagship CF-422 has a maximum height of 70.1-inches and a weight of just 2.43-pounds. You can see the rest of the nitty gritty spec information in the graphic below.

Slik Lite Tripod With Built-In LED Flashlight
The technical specifications of the Slik Lite line of tripods. Slik

The LED flashlight is built right into the center column of the tripod and can be removed in case you need to poke around in your gear bag or break down your stuff in a dark setting. The Rapid Flip tech is a simple switch on the legs that allows them to flip all the way around, which makes the whole package easier to carry and more compact. Combined with a detachable center column that enables low-angle photography from a height under 8-inches, depending the model, and as low as 6.2-inches for the smallest tripod.

The tripods are available for pre-order now and we’re looking forward to trying them out in the real world when retail units become available.