Lomography f2/400 color film

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Lomography F2/400 color film
The minimal can design looks rather slick. Lomography

The amount of new film news lately has been staggering, and now Lomography has a new 35mm color-negative (C-41) film offering called F2/400. As the name suggests, it’s a 400-speed color film that comes in packs of five or 10, but it has a pretty interesting backstory.

Back in 2010, Lomography bought a large quantity of film from “some renowned Italian filmmakers.” The film was then left to age in oak casks in the Czech Republic and is now being sold as a limited-edition run.

Lomography f2/400 color film
Here’s a sample shot on the new film. Lomography

The sample images on the site suggest it produces some vibrant colors, especially toward the red end of the spectrum. We’re looking forward to running a few rolls to see how it performs. And at $5 per roll, it’s only a little more expensive that Lomography’s typical 400-speed color film (which is pretty good for the price), so it’s not a very pricy experiment.

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