Flag free photo printing app
Flag free photo printing app
The back of the prints are adorned with advertisements, some of which include offer codes and deals. Flag

Back in 2014, we wrote about an app called Flag that promised free photo prints with ads printed on the back to pay for its operations. One of the main hooks—aside from the price tag, of course—was the fact that the prints were of extremely high quality, printed on thick paper with high-end equipment. Now, Flag is attempting to expand its operations and build its own printing facility in order to reach a broader audience.

There are various pledge levels as part of the crowd-funding initiative. If you get in for over $25 during the Kickstarter phase, you become a lifetime Flagship member, which means you get the normal selection of 20 free prints per month, but you can also add on premium options like custom cuts and fancy paper borders that normal members have to pay for à la carte. Flagship status typically costs $10 per month.

The service goes beyond the normal 20-per-month photo plan. There are extras that can be bought individually, such as bigger prints, prints without ads on the back, and other embellishments.

The new project is surely an ambitious one and the $500,000 Kickstarter goal is a tall order, but it’s a cool service that has a lot of promise.

You can check out the Kickstarter here.