This week’s Photo of the Day challenge asked readers to submit images inspired by the work of Ansel Adams and approach the subject with the reverence of John Muir. You delivered tranquil scenes of Yosemite (on film) and the Norwegian coast, took us to the beach, and invited us to ponder life on a lonely road tucked at the base of the mountains. Proof, indeed, that nature is a fine companion.

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Lead image by Matt Halvorson. See more of Matt’s work here.

Half Dome in winter

See more of Jake’s work here. Jake Peterson

Jake Peterson’s photo stopped my California heart in its tracks. Half Dome shines in the winter, under the ethereal glow of the rising (or setting) sun. Aside from the notable subject, I was drawn to the soft tones of the image and the way Peterson used light to tell the story. So, it came as no surprise (but as much delight) to know that the photo was taken on Kodak Portra 400, in the 6×7 format to boot.


See more of Mercsil’s work here. Mercsil on Flickr

Banff National Park is a place I’d love to see someday. Flickr user Mercsil brought me halfway. I can just imagine the feeling of standing on the rocky shore, listening to the water flow down the river, breathing in the sharp, cold morning air while watching the fog dissipate. 

The “put your work away” vibes are strong

See more of Dan’s work here. Dan Salcius

Look at that gorgeous sapphire water. It’s a sunny day at Laguna Beach in Southern California—if I close my eyes, I can hear the ocean.

Ytre Torget

See more of @norvegr_photo’s work here. norvegr_photo

There’s a touch of mystery and a glimmer of awe in this photo of northern Norway, shot by Instagram user norvegr_photo. I wonder what it’d be like to sit out on one of the rocks and watch the sunset fade into the stars. 

Summit Plateau, Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand

See more of Judith’s work here. Judith Hamblyn

Though we’ve not even attained the height of summer, the heat has me wishing for a little snow. I love seeing the crisscrossing tracks through fresh powder and the way Judith Hamlyn contrasts the vast landscape with a lone skier. 

David Thompson Highway

See more of Philip’s work here. Philip Kuntz

As much as I love color, B&W commands attention in a way that color never will. Without that distraction, the majesty of the mountains really stands out in Philip Kuntz’s photograph.

“Heading west towards Banff’s Saskatchewan Crossing with Mt. Wilson looming under stormy skies,” Kuntz notes. “Nice in color as well but liked the drama and impact of B&W.”