A baby bird with bedhead, a majestic pink flamingo, a flock headed South across a wintry landscape. It’s been Bird Week at PopPhoto, so it only made sense that the Photos of the Day challenge would showcase all things avian. Our favorite entries had a sprinkling of humor, interesting perspectives, and quiet beauty. 

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Lead image by Marc Sheridan. See more work here.

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Creeping reflection

bird walking in water
See more of Steve’s work here. Steve Ryf

The bird, creeping along, seems like it’s out for some comical trouble. Steve Ryf captures the near-perfect reflection in the water that gives this cheeky waterfowl a slight air of mystery and elegance. 

Ruby-throated hummingbird

red-throated hummingbird
See more of RGL Photography’s work here. RGL Photography

I appreciated this different angle on the hummingbird. Rather than a profile shot, RGL Photography’s image shows off the beautiful wingspan with just enough blur to hint at the frenzied flapping. 

A snowy barn owl

snowy barn owl
See more of Vince’s work here. Vince Maidens

The delicacy and serenity of this barn owl’s snowy white feathers are only tempered by the reminder of its incredibly sharp claws that dig into the fence post. This feels like an intimate moment, with the bird acknowledging and staring down the lens of photographer Vince Maidens. There’s depth behind the eyes. 

Flying South

birds flying in snow
See more of Lou’s work here. Lou Fasullo

It may be the dead of summer, but Lou Fasullo’s photo caught my eye. Two birds in flight over their flock as it snows—it’s a wonderous image and the staccato of snowflakes only adds to the magic.

Coast watch

seagulls standing to attention
See more of Mike’s work here. Mike Bodnar

Attention! Nothing is getting past these birds, captured by Mike Bodnar. I love how they’re all looking in different directions, with the leader looking sharp at the front. It’s quite humorous to see the tails sticking out.  

Is she my mother?

baby bird with crazy hair
See more of Raymond’s work here. Raymond Choo

Raymond Choo’s picture made me chuckle. The chick looks like it just rolled out of bed—the wrong side, that is. I can definitely relate…my hair has looked like this, too, on many occasions.