No matter how we might try, there’s one thing we can’t escape in life: chaos. (Okay, death and taxes, too.) The universe tends towards disorder. But, as this week’s Photos of the Day winners prove, that’s not always a bad thing. From buildings so high the world seems to spin to splashes at Icelandic hot springs, chaos often lends an interesting perspective—and a little fun.

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Lead image by David Terao. See more work here.

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Chaos in an abandoned warehouse

abandoned warehouse Niland, California
See more of Susan’s work here. Susan Liepa

It feels like Jackson Pollock has entered the building for a crossover with some street art. Susan Liepa captures graffiti’s interesting dichotomy between chaos and order. Every artist has a vision—but all collide on the same canvas. 

High density living

Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
See more of Raymond’s work here. Raymond Cho

Be prepared for a little vertigo—Raymond Choo attempts to convey the close quarters of this apartment complex. 

“I racked my zoom lens during a five-second exposure to capture in-camera motion blur effects to convey a sense of dizziness in living closely in this older housing estate in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong,” Choo writes.

Icelandic hot pools

iceland hot springs
See more of Gary’s work here. Gary Gustafson

Gary Gustafson captures a gurgling hot spring in Iceland. Air pockets will often bubble up to the surface and burst, leaving an odiferous chaos in their wake. 

Just whizzing by

cambridge uk
See more of Robert’s work here. Robert Lalancette

Color! Motion blur! Patterns! The effect of Robert Lalancette’s image is dizzying and perfectly on theme. 

Back to school

school of blue and yellow fish
See more of Frank’s work here. Frank Gaetano Venditti

While not quite a dead-ringer for Dory, these fish come pretty close. We love how Frank Gaetano Venditti fills the frame with the school as they all swim different directions.