Think Tank bags

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This April Think Tank will be releasing two new bag designs created specifically with mirrorless camera users in mind. The Urban Approach line features a shoulder bag and what looks to be a low-profile backpack—the first designed to hold a complete mirror less system and a 15” laptop.

According to the company, the water-resistant Urban Approach 15 backpack will hold one or two mirrorless bodies with lens attached and between five to eight additional lenses. There is a dedicated zipper sleeve for laptops or tablets and a smaller front pocket to stash spare batteries, cell phone, keys and your wallet. The backpack will cost $169 when released.

The shoulder bag will come in two versions, the Urban Approach 5, which will hold one mirrorless body with lens attached, one to three additional lenses and an 8″ tablet, and the Urban Approach 10, which will hold one mirror less body with lens attached, two to four extra lenses and up to a 10″ tablet. Like the Urban Approach backpack it also is made of water-resistant material, and has additional smaller pockets for non-photo gear. The Urban Approach 10 will be $134 and the 5 will be $119.

If you’re looking for a more compact way to stash things like your spare cards and batteries, Think Tank has an additional product coming in April. The CF/SD + Battery Compact Wallet is one of the smallest card wallets we’ve seen, designed to hold a single card and battery, because sometimes more space isn’t actually the answer. The tiny wallet has a loop so you can attach it to something within your bag so it doesn’t get lost among your things. This handy compact wallet will only be $9.99 when it is released in April.