Lowepro Dashpoint

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Action cameras don’t fit easily into most standard camera bags. I carry my GoPros around in a promotional knapsack. Lowepro has a different solution, though. The Dashpoint Action Video Case is built to hold an assortment of action cameras and accessories without the pieces getting lost.

The case comes in two different sizes, each with adjustable padding. The smaller version is meant for one camera and the required accessories, while the bigger case will easily hold two or even more. Both cases have a removable panel with elastic bands meant to keep smaller items (like batteries, baseplates, or cables) firmly in place. That might actually be the best part of the whole concept because those are the things that most often end up on the floor of my car.

The cases are actually designed to fit inside another bag, so they don’t have individual carrying straps. The composite shell is stiff, though, giving it extra protection in case it gets banged around on the slopes or even in a carry-on.

It’s a clever concept and one that action camera shooters will certainly be interested in.

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