Fujifilm X-t1 light leak fix

The Fujifilm X-T1 is a promising little camera and we’ll be posting our full review of it very soon. However, apparently some users have been having a bit of trouble in specific shooting situations and now Fujifilm is offering a fix.

The issue reportedly only affects cameras with serial numbers less than 41A05201, since the newer models have already had a fix applied. According to Fujifilm, the issue involves some light leak onto the camera sensor when the the cover for the microphone port and other connectors is left open and a strong light is shined on that area of the body.

If your camera fits the description, you can get in touch with a Fujifilm repair center at (800) 659-3854 (x3461) and they’ll help you figure out how to get it sorted.

It seems like a relatively minor issue, but it’s nice to see Fujifilm quickly acknowledge the problem and offer a fix.

You can read the official statement here