Fujifilm Shows Off Conversion Lens to Give X100s a 50mm Equivalent Field of View

A new lens adapter for the X100s gives it a standard field of view

Fujifilm X100s 50mm Lens

Fujifilm X100s 50mm Lens

By all accounts, the Fujifilm X100s is a pretty awesome little camera. Now, at the CP+ show in China, Fujifilm is showing off a lens adapter that turns its 35mm (equivalent) lens into a standard 50mm lens (equivalent). Details are currently pretty sparse about the adapter, but if it's anything like the wide angle adapter that's already available, it will likely be very good optically.

Meet the new Tele Conversion Lens for the X100/X100S that turns the fixed 23mm into 35mm (50mm equiv) pic.twitter.com/fqcOuCbjfl — Fujifilm UK (@Fujifilm_UK) February 13, 2014

The wide angle adapter costs roughly $300, but depending on the glass in this one, it could be more expensive (or less, we won't know until official details are announced).