White Canon SL1 DSLR

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If you’re into limited-edition white cameras and you live in certain parts of Asia, then today is a very exciting day for you. Not only does Fujifilm have a limited-edition X-A1, but now Canon has pulled back the curtain (actually it was a sheet) on their new white SL1 DSLR (known overseas as the Kiss X7).

There’s really not mud more to the story than that. It’s a camera, and a pretty good one at that, and now it’s also available in white. For what it’s worth, I think it actually looks pretty fantastic. I’m still an old curmudgeon and think cameras should be as black as possible, but this still has a certain futuristic charm to it.

There’s no word on US release and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a long delay or if it never got a US release at all. Here in the US, it seems that colored interchangeable-lens cameras just don’t get much love (except from Pentax, of course).