Fujifilm Fixes Borked X-Pro1 Firmware

Just one day after pulling faulty firmware, a fixed version is now available



Yesterday, Fujifilm pulled a much anticipated firmware update for the X-Pro1 from its website due to "a malfunction on the movie function." Now, less than 24 hours later, a fixed version is available, patching the problem.

In an impressively quick turnaround, the company has released version 3.01 of the firmware which fixes the video issue. As the company explains:

The firmware update Ver.3.01 from Ver.3.00 incorporates the following issue

The phenomenon is fixed that a movie could not be recorded properly in some cases.

Dodgy grammar aside, it's an incredibly quick fix from the folks at Fujifilm, and hopefully marks an end to problems with the firmware for X-Pro1 shooters.