Fujifilm Recalls X-Pro1 Firmware for Movie Malfunction

The recently released firmware has been taken down due to bugs



Earlier this week, Fujifilm released updated firmware for the X-Pro1 and X-E1, bringing focus peaking and improved autofocus performance. Unfortunately, something seems to have gone wrong with the version for the X-Pro1, and the firmware has now been pulled by Fujifilm.

In a statement on its website, Fujifilm said:

Thank you very much for using FUJIFILM X-Pro1.

We are very sorry that we have found a malfunction on the movie function in the upgraded firmware version 3.00 posted on 23 Jul 2013. We are improving the firmware and we will post it again once we complete the improvement. We deeply apologize for your inconvenience which this may cause.

Please contact your local support center if you have already upgraded your X-Pro1 with the version 3.00.

According to some reports, the problems with the firmware are more widespread than just with video. Have you tried the new firmware? Had any issues?