In November of 2012, we covered a Kickstarter project called Lynny, a super-affordable tilt lens system. The Kickstarter was successful, raising $5,639 of its $5,000 goal — but backers were met by a rude surprise earlier this month when they discovered that the lens they backed wouldn’t be able to be produced.

According to ePhotoZine, the Lynny lens has been removed for sale from its website due to “raised legal issues”. The original Lynny lens page has been scrubbed clean, and creator Cameron Texter has already started work on future generations of Lynny lenses, based on new designs.

So what exactly happened here? It’s not stated clearly, but there is a lot that we can intuit. On the Kickstarter project page, there was a backers only update titles “The Unexpected Ending – And A New Beginning”. The comments section of the same project has since exploded with frustrated backers. From what we can gather, the legal takedown came from Lensbaby, who offer the very similar Lensbaby Spark. It doesn’t appear that Texter is offering refunds to the backers at this point, but rather will try and ship them the next generation of Lynny lenses, when they come to fruition. However, it’s that’s still a long way away, and some of the backers sound immensely unhappy about the prospect.

If you want to see what the Lynny lens would have shot like, ePhotoZine managed to put out two reviews of the lens just before it got pulled, one a standalone, and one compared to the Lensbaby Spark. The results were less than stellar.