rx1 sample shot

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Sony has released a set of images from the hotly anticipated RX1, giving us a proper glimpse at shots from the full-frame fixed lens compact for the first real time. These scant 15 images have been uploaded to Flickr, and put the camera through a variety of situations. The images range from ISO 100 to a rather stunning example of ISO 6400. They show thin depth-of-field with creamy bokeh and a wide dynamic range. All of these images are viewable at 100% for pixel-peepers in the audience — and we still have yet to see any photos taken at the maximun native ISO of 25,600.

You can bet that Sony has been very, very careful to only chose the images that show off exactly what they want us to see in shots from this camera, and that real world usage might be quite different. Even so, these shots are incredibly heartening, and it looks like the images will have the potential to be really stunning. You can bet when the RX1 launches in November, it’ll be a very hot commodity — even with the $2,800 pricetag.