RED Announces Epic-M Monochrome Black And White Camera

The newest RED cinema camera is greyscale only

RED monochrome

RED monochrome

It appears that we're in the midst of something of a high-end monochrome revival. Earlier this year, Leica announced the Leica M-Monochrom, with its full-frame, black and white, sensor. Now, RED has unveiled the newest addition to the Epic camera line, and it's also a black and white job. The Epic-M Monochrome was revealed on the RED forum, in a very brief announcement:

I am pleased to announce the Epic-M Monochrome.

Newly Developed Mysterium-X Monochrome Sensor.

Native ASA 2000. Increased net resolution ( Removal of the debayer process, so every single individual pixel is used for luminance / image data )

New Low Pass Filter with to accomodate the reduced pixel pitch ( 1x1 vs 2x2 Bayer )

$42,000 ( brain only ) includes upgrade to Dragon Monochrome Sensor spring 2013.

David Fincher is shooting his current project solely on Epic-M Monochrome cameras as we speak.

Pre-orders open on RED.COM Monday.. Ships October 1st.

As with the Leica M-Monochrom, the Epic-M Monochrome has no Bayer filter, which should mean finer detail and more light hitting each pixel. Here's how Jarred Land describes it:

frame rate will be the same.. the output resolution is the same. The difference here is that instead of reading 4 pixels ( RGBG ) to interpolate ( guess ) 4 final color pixels, you are reading 4 unique, accurate imaging pixels to create 4 accurate final pixels. that is why all Bayer Pattern CMOS sensors loose [sic] effective resolution, for example our 5K cameras measure an accurate 4K resolution after Debayer, and most 1080p cameras net only an accurate 1.2-1.6k image.

At $42,0000, it's not a cheap purchase, but RED cameras never are, and for film-makers dedicated to the world of black and white, you know that this has excited them in a major way.