Samsung Galaxy Camera Hands-On

Today at their Photokina press conference, Samsung went into a little bit of detail about their new Galaxy Camera. We even got a chance to play with it.

The sensor is a 16-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS. The lens is a 21x zoom that starts at a 23mm full-frame equivalent. We also found out that the camera itself will come with Instagram already on the camera.

The pro shooting mode is actually pretty slick and the overall exprience seems excellent so far. The interface is very snappy and looks beautiful in the giant screen.


To that point, the camera itself is a little bigger than I thought it would be. As you can see, it’s actually a bit smaller than the monstrous Galaxy Note, but it’s still quite a bit thicker. For a little more reference, here’s a quick photo of it next to the iPhone 4.

We’re looking forward to getting a production model in the lab to see how the image quality compares to other compacts. And also to see if having a truly connected camera is everything many hope it would be.