Fujifilm X-Series Lens Roadmap 2012

The X-Series cameras seem to be a hit for Fujifilm, including their X-Pro1 digital rangefinder. When it was first announced they promised more new lenses soon and it looks like they weren’t kidding.

In the road map released tonight, Fujifilm is promising a whole variety of new glass to be released before the end of next year. Here’s a quick breakdown of the timing:

Fall 2012:

  • XF14mm F/2.8 prime lens (21mm equivalent)
  • XF18-55mm F/2.8-F/4 zoom lens (27-84mm equivalent)

Early 2013:

  • XF56mm F/1.4 prime lens (84mm equivalent)
  • XF27mm F/2.8 prime lens (41mm equivalent)
  • XF23mm F/1.4 prime lens (35mm equivalent)

Middle 2013:

  • XF55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 (83-300mm equivalent)
  • XF10-24mm F/4 zoom lens (15-36mm equivalen)

The new lenses will use molded aperture blades that are curved to make a circular aperture for more appealing background blur, just like the existing lenses.

With all of that set to hit the shelves within a year’s time, the X-Pro1 will have a pretty robust system to lean on. There’s a whole set of fast primes, a wide zoom, a standard zoom and even a super-tele zoom). Throw in a 70-200mm F/2.8 equivalent at some point in the future and there won’t be many gaps in the line-up.

No pricing or hard release dates have yet been made available, but we’ll update you as soon as we have them. We’re looking forward to trying all of them.