Google Glasses

Just last month we saw the first photographs taken with from Google’s Project Glass, more commonly known as Google Glasses. Now, just a month later, these devices are seeming more and more real, and we’ve even seen video footage from them. The last couple of days saw the Google Glass Walk, which showed off what these things look like in a real world situation, strapped to real people. And at the Google+ Photography Conference, 10 more photographs taken with the device were shown — all of which look better than the image we saw last month.

But the real kicker? There’s video footage. Not just of sedately walking down the road or anything like that, but of flips on a trampoline. While the footage may not be of amazing quality — in fact it’s pretty mediocre — the glasses do an incredible job of staying in place. Could this be major competition for the likes of the GoPro?

We still don’t know when, or for how much, these Glasses will debut for, but rumor pegs it as end of year.

[via The Verge, image by Chris Chabot]