Phase one cinema lenses

There’s currently a bit of a trend of taking old lenses and pairing them with new digital bodies, and Hong Kong based photographer Yat Lee has outdone just about everyone thanks to some high-skill engineering. Lee was interviewed by Drew Gardner, and you can see him talk through his glassware in the video above. He gets old lenses and with the help of a “lens master” engineer, he attaches focusing mechanisms, aperture controls, and gives it a new mount.

The resulting images are astonishing, as you can see through Lee’s Flickr account, and the bokeh produced is out of this world, and the shots are all razor sharp. It’s an oddball pairing, a Phase One IQ180 back and ancient manual lenses, but thanks to the high end work of the technician, it’s not half as slapdash as some lens/body couples we’ve seen.

[via FStoppers]