Fujifilm film

It’s a tough road out there for film users, and it’s about to get harder. Fujifilm has issued a notice that prices are expected to go up on all their film from May. This is across the board, Color Negative Films, Color Reversal Films, Black and White Films, and Quick Snap are all going to be hit by the change, which Fuji says “would be double digit.” We don’t know exactly how much, and it will depend on which product in which region, but everything’s going to get more expensive.

The official reason for the increase is “the demand for film products is continuously decreasing, yen’s appreciation and the cost of production, such as raw materials, oil and energy, continues to rise or stay at high level.” We’re always sad to see things like this happen, but paying more is infinitely preferable to killing films entirely, like Kodak had to do with some Ektachrome and Elite Chrome products.

Since the price change isn’t set to go through until next month, that at least gives you a few days to go and stock up before everything gets more expensive.