Panasonic Lumix 3D1 Compact Does 3D Photos And Videos With Two Lenses

It has a pair of lenses and sensors, but lacks a 3D display

Panasonic 3D1 Main

Panasonic 3D1 Main

Our first glimpse of Panasonic's 3D compact camera came back at the IFA Berlin tradeshow, but now it's officially making its way to store shelves. The aptly-named 3D1 uses a pair of independently-zooming 25mm lenses each with 4x optical zoom to create true 3D photos and videos.

Like the Fujifilm Real 3D W3, the Lumix 3D1 uses a pair of sensors to go along with its lenses. Each one is a 12-megapixel High Sensitivity MOS, both of which can also be used independently.

In addition to the 3D photo and video capture, the 3D1 also uses its pair of lenses in a few creative ways. You can shoot 1080i HD video with one while the other grabs full-resolution 2D photos at up to 8 fps without AF (you can get 4 fps with AF on). It can handle all of that data thanks to the quad-CPU Venus engine doing the number crunching.

The back of the camera is dominated by a 3.5-inch touchscreen, which, unlike Fujifilm's, isn't 3D. Sure, a big screen like that is nice, but if one of the primary purposes is to capture 3D images, it would be nice to preview them without having to find a compatible TV complete with glasses.

The Lumix 3D1 will be available in December for a hefty $500. As it stands, though, this is more of a pricey 3DTV accessory than it is a viable compact camera option. We're still interested to check one out, but we'll have to go borrow a 3DTV and some of those dorky glassies from our pals over at to see what we shot.