Sugru camera

Not everyone can afford to pick up a rugged camera just for life’s occasional brushes with danger and destruction — especially if you want a camera for your kid that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The folks at Sugru have put together a little tutorial on how to “ruggedize” an old camera, and make it tough enough for any spill.

Sugru is a soft, putty like substance which hardens extremely tough but still slightly elastic, which makes it perfect for absorbing blunt force trauma. By building a series of walls around the camera, Sugru user Stefan proofed an old Sony for use with his three-year old child.

Yeah, it does look like you covered your camera with playdoh, but I bet the kids will love it. No, it doesn’t look professional, and I wouldn’t recomment attempting to protect your Fuji X100 with this stuff. But for a weekend project to make an old camera kid/drop/camping/rough-house proof? It’s perfect, and unlike most other photography DIY hacks, it doesn’t require a degree in engineering to pull it off.

And if you really hate the way it looks, there are always these instead.

[via BoingBoing]