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As photographers and videographers, we generate a lot of data. And all those files need to live somewhere. Whether on SD or CF cards in our cameras as we create images or videos or on hard drives for long-term storage, it’s a constant battle to ensure you have enough to keep your materials safe and backed up.

All those storage costs can add up, especially as you get into large-volume hard drives. Luckily deals pop up every once in a while to make it more affordable to expand your storage needs. Today is one such day, with various SanDisk and Western Digital memory devices featured on Amazon’s Deal of the Day.

WD 18TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive $287.99 (was $539.99)

Western Digital


Everyone has different methods for backing up their files, but having one large drive to store pretty much everything, along with a cloud-based backup and maybe a couple of smaller drives, is a common solution. And although the prices of large hard drives continue to fall as storage devices get more expansive and easier to produce, they can still be quite pricey. So, when you see these massive drives on sale, it’s a good time to buy. Right now, Western Digital’s 18TB My Book is 47% off, offering some significant savings.

Other savings on memory devices:

If a big desktop hard drive isn’t what you are looking for right now, there are other deals to take advantage of. Check out some of the best deals on SanDisk and Western Digital SD, microSD, CF, and portable hard drives.