Last month we told you about a man who was suing his wedding photographer for the astounding sum of $52,000 to recreate his entire 2003 wedding in order to retake the photos he was unhappy with his now ex-wife.

While that lawsuit’s weak premise seemed unlikely to yield his desired results, there are many more newlyweds with much more legitimate complaints about their wedding photos—like the dozens of New Jersey couples who never received their wedding images.

Jack Holton, who operated Renaissance Photography Cinnaminson, NJ, is serving a three-year prison term for fraud after not delivering on contracted wedding photographs for dozens of couples between 2002 and 2009. In that span of time the consumer affairs office received more than 80 phone calls accusing Holton of non-delivery of wedding photos and albums and non-performance of contracted services. Since his sentencing in January 2010, Holton was forced to surrender dozens of CDs of wedding photos, and officials are now trying to find the rightful owners.

It’s unclear why he failed to deliver the images once he shot the events, or what the quality of the photos were.

Proving a case against a wedding photographer who fails to deliver images might be an easier case than making an argument for being unhappy with crappy photos. That is unless you happen to have a judge who is also a photographer, like this case of a Michigan wedding photographer who faced off with Judge Joe Brown’s superior photography knowledge. The couple may have to live with their poorly shot images, but they walked away with their money.

The reported monetary value of each theft in the New Jersey case ranges from $800 to $6,000, but as all of these cases prove, having no wedding photos, or unsatisfactory ones has a much higher emotional value for couples.

Via. Moorestown Patch