#dinnercam instagram restaurant studio

Try mentioning Instagram around someone who doesn’t like the service and you’ll invariably hear, “Why would I want to look at pictures of people’s lunch? [smug laughter]” Now, there’s even more fuel for that sarcasm fire with the introduction of the #Dinnercam.


The mini-studio setup looks like something you’d use for standard portrait photography. It has a sloped white backdrop (a mini cyclorama, if you will) and an overhead, color-balanced light to illuminate the dish. It has instructions printed on the front of the unit for taking the perfect smartphone picture of the photos. Once you’ve shared your photo, you even get a free print.

Right now, the #Dinnercam is only operating in a restaurant in South Africa, but it’s actually a bit surprising we haven’t seen something like this already.

The whole thing is obviously done with tongue placed at least a little bit in cheek, but the photos that come out of it aren’t half bad. Here’s an example

The fact of the matter is that many restaurants love the publicity they get from social media sharing, but crummy pictures can leave a bad impression. Some restaurants have even banned it. But, it’s not surprising at all to hear that restaurants are taking steps to make their food look a little better out on the web.

There are currently just over 100 photos on Instagram tagged with the #dinnercam hashtag. We’ll see how much that grows.

Here are some tips from a pro on shooting great food photos with any camera (and without a mini studio)

From: Food Republic