eBay Watch: The very last Leica M3 ever made is on sale for $550,000

It’s in pristine condition and has never been used.

Vintage Leica M3 Camera Body
The $550,000 price tag might seem crazy, but this M3 is reportedly the very last one made. Setadel Studios

A vintage camera in pristine working condition is a rare find, but this Leica M3 currently on eBay might take the cake as the unicorn of cameras. Although that $550,000 price tag might seem crazy, this M3 is reportedly the very last one made, has never been used and has all of the original accessories and an untouched L seal that it would have been shipped with. The camera is in the exact condition that it was when it left the factory in 1966.

Vintage Leica M3 Camera
Back view of the Leica M3. Setadel Studios

Finding a brand new camera from the mid-60s is pretty wild, but the fact that this is an iconic Leica M3 makes this one really special. The Leica M3 was the very first Leica rangefinder to utilize a bayonet mount for fast lens changing—before that Leicas had screw-mount cameras. It was also the first camera that has a combination of viewfinder and rangefinder into a single viewfinder. The M3 also introduced the rapid film advance lever, an automated film counter, automatic flash sync and a hinged back door plate for film loading. The cameras were produced from 1954-1966 and sold around 220,000 units in that time. Many of them are still in action today.

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Vintage Leica M3 packaging
The camera is in the exact condition that it was when it left the factory in the 1960s. Setadel Studios

This particular camera also comes with all of the original documentation from Leica, a special order letter to the original owner and a receipt confirming the order in 1968. It’s a pretty special piece of camera history. So, who wants to chip in for it?

Leica M3 paperwork
Official documentation from Leica is also included in the box. Setadel Studios