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Dell Canvas Is a 27-Inch, QHD Touchscreen “Smart Desk”

It's like a Microsoft Surface Studio that works with your current computer

Dell Canvas touchscreen computer display

Rather than replacing your computer or screen, the Canvas works with it.


We were really impressed when we first met the Microsoft Surface Studio, and now MS has teamed up with Dell to create similar device called the Canvas. It’s an evolution of the “smart desk” tech that has been around since 2014.

The hardware consists of a 27-inch QHD surface that’s touch-sensitive and works with fingers, a pen, or “totems” which are objects that take effect when put on the screen and manipulated. The concept art shows a knob that’s much like the original Microsoft implementation as well.

Unlike the Surface Studio, however, the Dell Canvas is meant to be used in conjunction with a monitor and computer, so it’s not totally replacing your current display. It can be powered by almost any Windows 10 device according to the press material.

The Dell Canvas will start shipping at the end of March 2017 for $1,799.

Ever since Wacom introduced its first Cintiq displays, I have liked the idea of a device like this and it seems like it’s the natural extension of the current touchscreen by which we’re typically surrounded.

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