Wedding Photography photo

Humans are complex, strange and selfish creatures. When two of us make a life together it elevates our conception of ourselves. It makes us believe that if we can be this good for each other, maybe we can be that good for the rest of the world. We create lavish celebrations to commemorate these extraordinary connections. And we consecrate those celebrations with photographs. Today’s ten best wedding photographers are ready to show you your best self—if you’re ready to see it.

And for a closer look behind the scenes at each of our 2012 honorees’ gear and process, check out the companion piece over at Popular Photography.

Click each name for a gallery of their work, in no particular order:

Jeff Newsom

Max Wanger

Angelica Glass

Ron Antonelli

Sergio Lopez

Dave Getzchman

Susan Stripling

Todd Laffler

Kitty Clart Fritz and Craig Fritz (Twin Lens)

Ira Lippke