MONO Volume Two Raising Funds on Kickstarter
Featured in MONO Volume Two © Jens Juul

Gomma Books Ltd is in the final days of their Kickstarter campaign for MONO Volume Two, a beautiful book celebrating black and white photography. The first-volume of this hardcover book featured work of photographers such as Antoine D’Agata, Roger Ballen and Gabrielle Duplantier and it sold out quickly. The Kickstarter campaign is essentially a way for fans of the trilogy to pre-order volume two for a discounted price.

The book, which will retail for £49 (approximately $74 USD), is available to Kickstarter backers for only £29 (approximately $44 USD). There is also a Gold Limited Edition verison for £199 (approximately $302 USD), that features a gold hot stamped title on the cover and the cloth case. Only 50 of these are being printed, and last we checked there were only 10 copies left.

MONO Volume Two will be approximately 205 pages and printed, sewn and bound in Italy. While Gomma is still finalizing the lineup of photographers featured in the book, the early confirmations look promising. So far Gomma has confirmed work from the following photographers: Martin Bogren, Dirk Braeckman, Giacomo Brunelli, Jean-Marc Caimi, Valentina Piccinni, Lorenzo Castore, Robert Hutinski, Nicolas Janowski, Gert Jochems, Jens Juul, Jon Lowenstein, Alexia Monduit, Paulo Nozolino, Igor Posner, Hideka Tonomura, Scott Typaldos, Ester Vonplon, Tereza Zelenkova, and Miron Zownir.

Miss out on ordering MONO Volume One? According to Gomma, if the Kickstarter is successful, they plan to publish a second edition to allow any new backers to complete the MONO trilogy

Check out the campaign to pre-order a copy of MONO Volume Two for yourself.