Ángel Franco and David Gonzalez Go Live on Facebook for The New York Times Lens Blog

This afternoon two incredible journalists from The New York Times, photographer Ángel Franco and columnist and Lens blog co-editor David Gonzalez, utilized Facebook Live to engage in a far-reaching conversation about photojournalism. If you work in an industry the discourages Facebook use on the job, your probably missed it, but luckily their 45 minute chat can be re-watched on the Lens blog page.

Throughout the 45 minutes Franco speaks at length about some of his most well-known photographs and reveals to Gonzalez how he thinks about dignity and respect when photographing and the importance of slowing down and earning the trust of his subjects.

You can check out the full-conversation in the video above, but head over to the Lens Blog’s Facebook page to check out links to more of Franco’s work.