Leica Officially Responds To M9 Battery Problems

Following up from reports of the Leica M9 not holding its battery charge properly, the German camera manufacturer has issued an official statement.

Leica M9-P

Leica M9-P

Earlier this week we reported on users of the Leica M9 complaining of their batteries not properly holding charges. Leica has now made a statement on the issue, saying they've isolated the problem, that it's extremely rare, and that they'll fix it for free as a high priority.

Leica Camera has recently become aware of an issue being experienced by owners of the M9 in regard to the battery. The issue occurs when an M9 battery is fully charged and inserted into the camera. After a very short time, long before the normal drain period, the camera incorrectly shows a "battery low" message. This may happen every time the camera is used or only periodically. Leica engineers have identified the source of the malfunction. It is caused by an electronic component that needs to be replaced. Once the component is replaced, the defect is remedied. There have been 15 cases of this problem, which is equal to 0.05% of the total units sold. If you encounter this issue, please make sure that you are using original Leica batteries and send your camera to your local representative for repair. We will put a high priority on these repairs and fix them free of charge. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has or may cause.

We applaud Leica for thoroughly addressing this problem in a prompt manner. While there may only have been 15 reported cases, I'm betting there are more people out there who had the problem but weren't aware of the cause. If you've been having trouble with your M9 not keeping its battery charge properly while using official Leica batteries, get it in to your local rep, and get it looked at.