Your Best Shot Gallery June 2016
Ryan Hall

USAFA Graduation 2016

The iconic hat toss & Thunderbird flyover of the U.S. Air Force Academy’s 2016 graduation

Every month we ask our talented readers to show off their best recent work, and every month, you deliver with breathtaking images from almost every genre. This month’s selection includes some summery images like sun-drenched portraits and epic landscapes, as well as some more abstract and emotional photos. It’s a challenge to pick finalists every month, and one we greatly enjoy here at Popular Photography.

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Shuyu Zhang

Come for dinner

I found a peacock walk around at the cow shed. This peacock seems to grab food from those cows. It gets to be sensitive and aggressive when people close to it.
Roni Chastain

Sunrise in Etosha

The gates open to enter the park just at sunrise. We had to quickly get to this tree to get the sun right at the tree.
Austin Cuttino

Sammy at Sunset

Photo of my dog Sammy.
Ryan Ong

Ant’s Eye View

This photo was taken in the Carlsbad Flowerfields during some of the last few weeks of it being open. There were not a lot of flowers left, but I managed to find some.
Zachary Nay

The Mushroom From My Yard

A mushroom I found while doing yardwork, brought inside and put on a black background.
Kenneth Hill


Shot with Nikon D750, Sigma Art 35mm F8, ISO 200, 1/250 DicaPac Underwater Case Processed with Adobe LR and Photoshop CC
Ashley Mueller

Blue Hour

Taken at Keeneland race course, in the early hours of the morning. I aim to show the dedication of the horseman to his craft, galloping horses before sunrise.
Darnell Bowman

The serious side of Mr Mason

Nikon D7100, F/2.8, ISO-1000, 1/80 shutter speed
Ioana Paun

The shore

This is the place where the waves of the ocean and the land come together.
Erik Eiser

Quick Dip

Bethany Zelasko gets out of the summer heat with a quick paddle out into the soothing sea.
Anish Patel

Spiked Flower

Abstract macro of a mimosa bloom.
Ken Koontz

Carpenter Bee

Bee- cause I wanted to see if I could photograph one in flight!
Michael Hindman

The Falls

These are probably my favorite falls in the park and this weekend they were gushing. I have never seen Yosemite Falls, any falls in the valley for that matter rip roaring as much as they were this weekend.
William Lanahan

Sunset At Bandon

Nikon D300, Nikon 18-200mm, four shot bracket between 1/400s-1/50s, f8, ISO200
Angee Manns

The Street Fair

My son and two nieces riding a carnival ride at the annual street fair in Fulton, Missouri.
Abeselom Zerit


Mandrill lost in thought
Jordan Timmerman

Lazy cat days

Taken with Canon Rebel
Mahmoud Abuabdou


A man leaving the gate in Berlin Tegel airport walking toward the airplane.
Chris Gin

Back Beach Sunset

Sunset reflections at Back Beach, New Plymouth, New Zealand. This is a panorama consisting of 5 horizontal images stitched.
Mario Labado

The promise

These Great Blue Herons were trying to rebuild nest. This was in Viera wetlands, Fl.
Peyton Bonner

Colorful Attractions

A gorgeous, fiery red-head with a passion for art and painting. Creativity was never meant for someone to stay clean!
Rebecca Davis


This is a photo I took for my beginning photography class. The lighting was perfect when I took the picture.
Dillon Saw

Separation by Bridges

Shot at the Carquinez bridge in Vallejo, California.
Morris Bennett Altman

A sky full of skimmers

One of the amazing sights and sounds that repeat over and over at Nickerson Beach is the blastoff of the entire skimmer and/or tern colony. Having thousands of birds in the air all around you is an amazing sensation. I was quite tired when this blastoff happened so rather than moving to get behind my camera, I simply set my 150-600 Sport to the wider end and pointed the camera in what seemed the correct direction and tripped the shutter when I liked what I saw in the sky. I shoot from the hip all the time when doing street photography so I’m fairly practiced at this method and very pleased I was able to translate to the long lens. D300s + Sigma 150-600 Sport @ 210, 1/1000, f8, ISO 400, Fill flash (SB800 + Better Beamer)
Daniel Nielsen

Sunset Surfing

As the sun was setting we decided to go out for a quick surf at Hermosa Beach. With the perfect waves and amazing sky I was able to capture this moment.
Brianna Shortt

Emerging Waters

This was one of my first attempts at black and white photography. I fell in love with shooting people in black and white after this photo shoot.
Souvik Bose

Green Flower

CANON EOS 60D, 50 MM, ISO 320, f/1.8, 1/3200 sec. , FOCAL LENGHT 50 MM, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP.
Nikhil Ghodke

Summer Trials

I was walking long a pedestrian bridge in Rome, Italy and I saw this pair of rowers coming down the river. I waited for them to pass under the bridge and that moment, I took the photo with my Canon 5D mark II, with 24-105 L series lens at 55mm and shutter speed of 1/100 sec and 5.6 mm.
David Woods

Lion Ascending

A Yellow Bear caterpillar. This was by far the fastest caterpillar I’ve seen, and in the photo is resting after I gave it chase. This photo is the result of almost 40 images manually focus stacked. Taken with a vintage Meyer-Optik Görlitz Primotar 135mm.
Geraldine Alexander

Chubby Cheeks

This little chipmunk returned to the line up of peanuts over and over. Each time he would fill his cheeks to capacity, disappear for a few minutes and then return to reload. Taken with a Nikon D300, F5.6, 1/80sec, ISO 200, focal length 200mm.
Ashley Carter

Carnival Fun

Taken on an Olympus Mju II, I thought the colours and patterns intrigued me as well as the sequence of items in this shot.
Holly Awwad

The playground at sunset

My view from the teeter-totter.
Paige Motz

The Kiss

A passionate sunset kiss between bride and groom at a wedding in Airlie Beach, Australia.