Your best Shot January 2016
2016 January Your Best Shot Contest Finalist Gallery Photos
There is something magical about New York City, even during a blizzard. Taken during a 2016 blizzard. Bobi Dojcinovski

I love when the year gets off to a great start and that’s certainly the case with our Your Best Shot contest. We saw a pretty significant spike in entries in January 2016 and many of them were just fantastic. There’s a great mix of landscapes, portraits, abstracts, and even some street photography to round out the mix.

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Railway station, Barcelona, Spain

Railway station at Barcelona, Spain. Taken with an Edixa Reflex camera, 35mm. Film: Agfa. Exposure not recorded. Handheld.

Word Stork B&W

This wood stork was perched up high on a dead tree. I don’t do B&W often but this photo seemed a good fit.

Foggy Days

These days feels so hated. The darkness has come upon us, and everyone are filled with sadness.

So many birds

I was really lucky to capture this picture and cross it off my photography bucket list.

My Sister

Tuesday was an incredible day. My sister and I went our separate ways after high school as most of us do. She went on to pursue a degree in Art, while I obtained my BS in Construction Management. After graduating college, Kelly grew quickly in her career as an art director organizing sets for movies and commercials…while I joined the military because I was bored with my life. I moved away for 6 years working on my own personal growth where I got married, left the construction industry and took up photography. After welcoming our beautiful son into this world- I realized how much I missed being able to share my life with my sister. I was so excited when our lives finally called us back to Connecticut. Kelly typically has a crazy busy schedule in a high-paced demanding industry, so I was thrilled when I learned she had some time off from work. We spent the entire day together on Tuesday. I stopped by her apartment and we sipped coffee while completing a crossword puzzle together. I met Howard for the first time. (He is her super cute, chubby and friendly cat.) Mila (the evil one) was hiding most of the visit. I also rummaged through her closet for the first time since we lived together in high school and pretty much drooled at all of the incredible wardrobe items she owns. I may break into her place one of these days and steal them all. We packed up a bunch of them to bring to the studio. After our relaxing morning, we decided to indulge in some yummy Chipotle for lunch followed by a detour to Joann fabrics on the way to the studio. We picked-out some sweet sale items to use {tulle, lace, fabric and flowers}. We ended the day playing dress-up for a fun mini-photo shoot. I even did her make-up (well most of it)! The last time we did this, was over 20 years ago.

Golden Gate Bridge in the Fog

I wanted a different view of the Golden Gate Bridge

Rustic eggs

I love eggs for breakfast and there is just something about eggs that reminds me of a world which is far from technology. I wanted to capture that in an image


Model: Jennifer Pham — Morro Bay, CA

Lead the way.

A lantern leading the way at A suspension bridge.


Color contrast between colorful apartments and brown houses. This photo is taken from a plane heading to Uyuni. I considered myself to be very lucky to get this shot.


A pelican nestling in to his feathers for a nap, late morning at Flamingo Gardens Wildlife Sanctuary in Davie, FL.


The sun dips below the horizon and brings life to all the wonderful colors in the sky. The calm and cool water softly reflects the mountains and colors in its glassy surface. I had to stand in the water to get the composition I was after. I tried to limit how much I was shaking due to the cold in order to minimize the ripples I was creating. All that discomfort was well worth it though. I’ve never seen mono lake this still and quiet, it was very beautiful and calming to behold.

‘Organic Data’

Projection portrait

Night flight

(Almost) full moon party! Together with 2 friends we hiked up to Grintovec the highest mountain in Kamnik-Savinja Alps (part of the eastern Alps) in Slovenia, Europe with intention to paraglide down at night. The conditions to fly were just perfect and we took-off at about 2am. I was dreaming about this one frame shot (long exposure with flash blink) for a long time. It was tough to hike up in the cold night for 4 hours carrying a heavy backpack with a full flying kit and more than 3kg extra photo equipment but it was definitely worth it. An adventure to remember!

White Flocks

Passo Giau, Italy. After the sunset the temperature fell down to -15°C, and the strong wind was moving clouds fast towards the scene. Suddenly moonlight breached the cloudy sky, I set the tripod and take few shots before clouds completely covered the night sky.

Through the window

Couple at After Wedding photo session.

Night over Bulgaria

This photo was taken at the highest peak in Bulgaria and the Balkans – this is Musala peak 2925 meters high. There’s meteorological station which is seen on the photo. This is a night panorama of 6 frames.


A Richard Avedon inspired shoot

You & I

This was part of an assignment in my AP Photography class which was to take a banal object like a plastic bag and to transform it into something spectacular. To make this picture I used a plastic bag with two white lights behind it to create this effect. This was shot on my Canon Rebel EOS. Basic adjustments made with Photoshop.

Can’t stay on the ground

I took this picture in an abandoned house in a forest. It was really cold, but I think it was worth it.

Berry Picker

The Bohemian Waxwings are winter visitors in the Ottawa area. When they are in a feeding frenzy, they forget you are around. I positioned myself according to the background and was hoping to have one landing on that back branch. But instead, it landed right in front of me to my big surprise and just had time to click a few frames and it was gone. I did not think the pictures would turn out as it happened so fast but I am glad this one did.

The Lonesome Frozen North.

A man walks past icy glass.

sunset dragonfly

dragonfly on the top flower canon 550d 100mm macro lens iso 400 f8 1/60

Rufous-collared Sparrow

Colombia is the country with the biggest biodiversity of birds in the world (1903 different species) and “Valle Del Cocora” is such a great place to take some pictures.

Take Out

A bald eagle snatches an easy meal from the water below Conowingo Dam in Maryland. Many of the fish here are killed or wounded by the dam making for a quick grab for the eagles.

the spirit of Thor

Canon 6d 24-105mm ef F8 1/640 Iso 1000 Light room and photoshop 5

White Pelican Profile

A profile picture of a White Pelican, one of the largest water birds. The horn on its beak develops during mating season and may be used in during courtship or as a sign of masculinity.


Title: “Hatched”(1/100 sec at f/2.8, ISO 400) with Canon 100mm f/2.8) by Farrah Arnold, photographer from Baltimore City and owner of Please feel free to contact me with questions (or just to say hello) at

Fire and Ice

Taken on top of the twin peaks summit in San Francisco, California. Light trails of cars’ headlights and taillights were captured, the headlights of the one car was a cooler temperature giving it that blue glow.

Hands of Time

Canon Mark III 5D Sigma 24-35mm f2 Art lens 24mm f2 1/60sec.

Which Way Is Up?

A Still Reflecting Pool In New Zealand Reflects The Image Of The Mountain And Clouds Behind It.


Taken in harsh mid day light over at Shell Beach, CA Using a big stopper from lee filters and a canon 6d equipped with a 17-40L Helped me come home with a unique shot. Find more @photosbywolf on instagram


Glass window of the Seattle Public Library

Shanghai Parkour

I image this on a busy day in the Bund in Shanghai. After bring contanstly moved on by the Police, I managed to capture this image as they just left. So for this image to work out as well as it did, I couldn’t be happier!

Big Bear

This photo was taken on a trip to Big Bear Mountain. Canon 70D

The lion of the house

This photo was taken on January 31, 2016.

Magical New York

There is something magical about New York City, even during a blizzard Taken during a 2016 blizzard.

On the edge

Two people with no prior connection other than meeting for this picture. Same hight, same color, pierced, tattooed, but very different people.


Newborn love <3

Beach of the Gods

This bit caught my eye. The face in the rocks and the low angle took me by surprise so I had to take the shot