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That is a very red lens. Leica

One of the things many people like about Leica’s iconic M-series rangefinder cameras is how unassuming and discreet they can be. They often look like little more than black rectangles that many find less intimidating than a big DSLR. If you’re not about the discreet Leica life, however, you can now show off with the company’s new bright red APO Summicron-M 50mm f/2 ASPH prime lens.

Yes, it also looks red from the front. Leica
The case that comes with the lens is not red. Leica

From a build and optics standpoint, the lens is pretty much what you’d expect. Say what you will about its price, but this 50mm lens is one of the most well-regarded lenses around, bar none. This new one, however, has a bright red anodized finish that makes it extremely conspicuous.

When the red version hits the market, it will come with a retail price of $8,950, so yes, you will be paying a premium if you want that very noticeable lens attached to the front of your otherwise unassuming camera.

Aside from the color, it’s the same iconic lens that Leica M shooters are used to. Leica

Personally, I think it looks rather awesome. Sure, it’s pretty impractical, but that’s not really the point, now is it?

The red color may not be ideal for discreet street photography. Leica