What’s Your Best Score on This Ridiculous Color Vision Test?
Stupid Internet Color Vision Test

Sometimes I like to pretend that I can use the internet responsibly. I spend a lot of time writing articles, participating in discussions, and looking for great photography content to feature here on PopPhoto. But, I’m definitely not immune to the super fun nonsense that comes at us from every angle. This color vision test certainly fits into that second category.

The premise is simple: You’re showed an increasingly complex grid of squares, one of which is a different color from the rest. It gets harder and harder as you go along and you have a limited amount of time for each puzzle.


The highest score I managed was 23, but multimedia editor, Jeanette Moses made it all the way into hawk vision territory.

Here’s the link to the test.

So, let’s see it. Who can get the best score in this ridiculous online game that we should all find something better to do than play.

You can try this other slightly more scientific color vision test if you’re still in the mood for testing your eyeballs.